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Do you have a peer support program at your hospital to retain your experienced healthcare teams especially after high volume periods or traumatic events?

Answer: Our team knows (per the 2005 Jones Report to Congress) that when hospitals lose experienced nurses (for whatever reason), it can cost the hospital between $69,000 and $72,000 which does not include the cost of recruiting and training a replacement. Additionally, you cannot put a price tag on the disruption caused to a cohesive clinical team while they are saying good-bye and waiting for a replacement to be fully up to speed. Our team can assist you with developing and implementing a peer support program for your hospital.

How is your team managing the stress of a global pandemic which is now in its 2nd year?

Answer: Complex traumatic stress can take a toll on any healthcare team in any country. We offer critical incident stress management and debriefing for healthcare teams as well as training in stress management, burnout and compassion fatigue. We can help your team navigate persistent stress while developing the essential tools they need to maintain their life-career balance and relationships.

How is your hospital working to support the needs and patient experience of patients and families affected by illnesses that often require long-term care and support?

Answer: We help patients and families (as well as clinical teams) with identifying the interpersonal dynamics, emotions, and challenges that accompany the critical conversations that take place when a family member is diagnosed with a long-term illness and needs ongoing care and support.

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